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We are ASi

We Manage Your Network So You Can Manage Your Business​

Applied Systems has provided Managed IT Services to companies in South Florida and the Caribbean for over 20 years. Over seventy percent of our customers are Healthcare Professionals.  We have supported the Healthcare community for over 15 Years. Applied Systems specializes in developing, implementing, and maintaining cost effective managed solutions. Our managed solutions protect critical corporate data, and ultimately add value to the organization.  

While we provide these services, our focus is on securing customer data and resources, not just via technology, but also through corporate policies and procedures.

Applied Systems, Inc. Managed Services

Applied Systems, Inc. utilizes the technology that we support, from desktop management solutions to network monitoring services, cloud telephony, cloud backup and disaster recovery. Our custom remote management solution allows us to monitor computers, peripherals and network devices across multiple client networks and proactively respond to problems 24/7.  Among our managed services ASi provides our clients a full solution experience that includes but are not limited to Office 365, Symantec Cloud Security, Cloud Backup Solutions Powered by Acronis and many more. We implement and manage these solutions for you. 

Remote Management and Support

Our remote management and support solutions are powered by ConnectWise Remote Management systems. Our remote management service actively reports desktop and device health status which allows us to connect to devices remotely for support. Additionally, the remote app allows users to report incidents and issues to our support staff. The app lets the user attach a screenshot of an error or problem on that computer within the message then is reported directly to and tracked by our system. 

Microsoft Cloud Services Provider

As a Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider, our customers can purchase Office 365 products directly through Applied Systems and can include these products in their monthly services billing.


RingCentral Partner

We maintain and support services we offer. This is no different with RingCentral. ASi chose RingCentral as our primary cloud communications offering because of reliability and comprehensive platform. From Phone service and Video Conferencing to Collaboration and Integration, RingCentral is a full service platform that many of our customers have chosen. 


Managed IT Services

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